7 Best Jackfruit Smoothies That You Can Make In 5 MInutes

It’s always nice to mix a quick smoothie with some of the more regular fruits you usually buy from the grocery store or market place. But when you are feeling like you want to take a sip of something new, you have to look for a different ingredient, one that people don’t feature in their food inventory that often, yet one that is still a delight to your palate.

Then make some room in your kitchen for the largest and heaviest fruit on the planet – the jackfruit! Ripen jackfruits (which are the ones you need for a jackfruit smoothie), have a heavy, charming fruity aroma in their fully ripen state, even when they aren’t sliced. They have a flavor that is like an amazing combo of pineapple, apple, mango and banana. If you need this fruit for a shake or another dessert, make sure you buy ripen jackfruits instead of young ones, because young jackfruits have a more savoury taste, and are often used as a meat substitute in some dishes. You can use either jackfruit that is canned or fresh jackfruit, both options are fine for the purpose. Just make sure if you use fresh jackfruit to remove its seeds before blending.

Here’s how a sliced jackfruit looks like:

7 Best Jackfruit Smoothies That You Can Make In 5 MInutes

So if smoothies are your favorite game, and you can’t wait to rush into preparing some jackfruit smoothies to enter a new chapter of your smoothing adventure, stay with us, because here are the

5 Best Jackfruit Smoothies

Classic Jackfruit Smoothie

Classic Jackfruit SmoothieLet’s jack things up with the simple and classic jackfruit smoothie. If you don’t want to dwell that much on ingredients, yet still want to produce a satisfying result that brings that pleasant tropical touch, this one is perfect for you. Since this recipe includes yogurt, you can use flavored yogurt, but keep in mind that the ultimate result will have an altered taste.

Servings: 1


– 2 cups jackfruit (frozen, fresh or canned)

– 2-3 cups yogurt

– 1 tbsp honey

– 8 ice cubes

Preparation Method:

– Mix all the ingredients in a blender

– Process for a minute or until smooth

– Read the full recipe here

Jackfruit and Mint Green Smoothie

Jackfruit and Mint Green SmoothieIf you want a green detox smoothie with a hint of rare tropical note, don’t miss trying the jackfruit and mint green smoothie. The jackfruit will not only upgrade the general flavor of this goodness, but it will also secure a nice silky and creamy texture. A unique green jackfruit smoothie. Greens smoothie recipes are some of the most healthy, nutritional and revitalizing ones, so don’t miss giving this one a shot.

Servings: 5 cups


– 2 ½ cup (335g) jackfruit

– ¾ cup (125g) green grapes

– 2 cups (60g) spinach

– 6 mint leaves

– 1 cup (130g) ice cubes

– 1 cup (240 mL) water

Preparation Method:

– Place all the ingredients in your blender

– Start the blender at lower power, then gradually increase to nearly maximum

– Blend for around 45 seconds

– Read the full recipe here

Fresh Jackfruit Coconut Smoothie

Fresh Jackfruit Coconut SmoothieIt’s time to seriously get more tropical than ever with the fresh jackfruit coconut smoothie. And what better way to do that than by combining the well-known classics coconut and banana with the new player in the game – jackfruit! With these 3 as staple ingredients, you won’t even notice the celery in there that adds up to a well nutritionally-balanced jackfruit shake with a powerful punch of fiber. Instead of jackfruit in a can, this recipe recommends using fresh jackfruit.

Servings: 3


– 2 cups fresh, ripe jackfruit

– ¼ cup coconut flesh

– 1 ¼ coconut water

– 2 whole bananas

– 1 cup chopped celery

Preparation Method:

– Peel the bananas and the jackfruit.

– Put all the ingredients in your blender

– Blend for around 30 seconds

– Split the smoothie mixture into 2 glasses or bowls

– Top with dried coconut, some toasted nuts and blackberries

– Read the full recipe here

Fresh Mango, Papaya and Jackfruit Smoothie

Fresh Mango, Papaya and Jackfruit SmoothieIn all fairness, this smoothie gem is one of our favorite of all time and an irreplaceable companion that helps beat the sweltering summer heat, therefore it’ unavoidable that it finds a place amongst the best jackfruit smoothies. The other pinpoint in our fondness of the jackfruit recipe is that is involves another 2 of our favorite fruits, not just from the tropics, but in general, and those are mango and papaya.

Everyone from our small team just can’t resist the rich and distinctive flavor of those divine fruits. This fruity combo supplies your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If your fruits are fully grown, their combined taste would be sufficient enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Still, honey or another health-friendly sweetener remains optional, according to your own preferences.


– 1 cup mango chunks

– 1 cup jackfruit chunks

– 1 cup chopped papaya

Milk (optional), just enough to thin the consistency down to a preferable state

– Honey, stevia, yacon syrup, truvia, or another health-friendly sweetener (optional)

Preparation Method:

– Pare the fruits and cut them in chunks.

– Place them together in your blending machine and add an optional sweetener if you want

– Add milk if needed to thin the texture

– Smooth for around 40 seconds

– Pour in glasses and top with mango pieces

– Read the full recipe here

Jackfruit Protein Smoothie

Jackfruit Protein SmoothieWe’re adamant about featuring this jackfruit recipe, because not only does it include the centerpiece ingredient we’re revolving around in this article, but it also features one of our favorite fitness supplements of all time – protein. It really does make for a great example how you can diversify your regular protein smoothie and bring its nutritional and flavor properties to a different level.

The protein powder will add an extra feeling of smoothness and better texture. As for what kind of protein supplement you should use, we’d recommend either organic plant protein, or grass-fed whey protein. To pick your type of product, you can check our detailed guide about the top organic whey and plant proteins. To boot, another plus of this jackfruit shake is that it includes a really beneficial type of juice – aloe, making the health-fortifying qualities of the smoothie even better. Since this recipe is invented for people that engage in sports regularly (but is equally great for everybody else), if you wish, you can add another type of sports supplement to enhance and widen its effects.

Servings: 1


– 1-2 cups of peeled jackfruit, depending on the thickness you want

Protein powder

– 1 ½ cup aloe vera juice

– 1 cup ice

– Another supplement of choice (optional)

Preparation Method:

– Just place all the ingredients in your blender and smooth until you have a homogenous texture.

– Garnish with some jackfruit pieces for better aesthetic look

– Read the full recipe here

Strawberry Jackfruit Smoothie

Strawberry Jackfruit SmoothieIn case strawberries are your chink in the armor, chances you’re going to love this strawberry jackfruit smoothie are skyrocket high, but either way this is a smoothie you won’t ever forget. The fusion of the tropics with the classic, sensational taste of strawberry, blended flawlessly with the incredible creaminess that we owe to bananas and the secret ingredient – cashew milk. To enhance the flavor, dilute the texture and increase the overall volume of the smoothie, this recipe also has coconut water in it. The ingredients look smartly chosen and do go extremely well with one another. Very refreshing and yummy.

Servings: 3


– 1 cup jackfruit

– 1 cup strawberries

– ¾ cup cashew milk (or any other plant-based milk)

– 1 cup coconut water (250ml) or a little less if you want less sugar and sweetness

– 2 regular bananas or 5 mini bananas

Preparation Method:

– Blend all the ingredients together in a blender

– Smooth

– Enjoy!

– Read the full recipe here

Jackfruit and Chia Smoothie

Jackfruit and Chia SmoothieThe seventh and final creative recipe in our article is the jackfruit and chia smoothie. If you’re aiming to add the smoothest wholegrain nutrient bomb possible to your drinkable delight, chia is the way to go! In the ancient Mayan language, chia means “strength”. These seeds were very valued by the old tribe, as they ate it as a main source of energy before battle or when they had to run at long distances.

The highly nutritional super-seeds contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, as well as antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, generous amounts of dietary fiber and heart-healthy fatty acids. Because of that amazing composition, chia seeds’ health benefits range from anti-aging effects, digestive health, bone and heart health, building muscle mass and losing weight, to preventing diabetes, boosting the metabolism, fighting breast cancer, and more. In a nutshell – chia can be the powerhouse of your smoothie, don’t miss the chance to spice things up with it.

Servings: 1


– 2 tsp chia seeds

– 7 jackfruit pods (remove the seeds)

– 2 tbsp freshly/dried grated coconut

– 1 cup pineapple pieces

– 1 banana

– Couple of ice cubes

– ½ cup water

Preparation Method:

– Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until you reach the texture you desire.

– If you want a thinner texture, add a few more ice cubes

– Read the full recipe here

So these were the 7 best jackfruit smoothies in our book. If you’ve tried some of them or another jackfruit smoothie recipe, give us your opinion on adding this rare fruit to your favorite type of nutritious beverage. Cheers!

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