When we go out of our way to gather the best organic foods for you, it’s only fair that we provide you with splendid ideas on how to enjoy them better! That’s when our creative recipes section comes in. Here you can find great ways to use not only your favorite staple foods, but also some of the most potent superfoods and herbs. Time for some culinary experiments!

Summer Herb-Roasted Organic Turkey Breast

If you have organic turkey breast in your fridge and you’re looking for a new way to cook it for dinner, throw an eye on this summer herb-roasted organic turkey breast recipe that’s going to prove a great meal for everyone who likes tender meat dishes.

7 Best Jackfruit Smoothies That You Can Make In 5 MInutes

Trying some of the best jackfruit smoothies on the web is the perfect way to enjoy the largest and heaviest fruit on the planet that’s getting more and more popular in the world of culinary!

Healthy Christmas Recipes

Looking to surprise your family and friends with amazing health-friendly dishes this Christmas? Well, if healthy Christmas recipes are what you’re looking for, we have multiple suggestions for a full course meal!

Best Moringa Smoothies

Moringa oleifera is truly one of the most remarkable superfoods and herbs we know of. Our personal favorite best moringa smoothies are a convenient and…

Best Protein Rich Smoothie Recipes

As a smoothie fan you should totally have favorite smoothies. If you want to know which our best protein rich smoothie recipes are, we’ll be happy to tell you all about them!

Top 10 Health Friendly Halloween Treats

If you want to spend your favorite spooky holiday enjoying thematic foods conducive to your good health, our top 10 health friendly Halloween treats will do the job perfectly!

Top 5 Best Recipes With Kalettes

Discover the culinary versatility and nutritional power of one of the best hybrid veggies ever – kalette! Here are our favorite best recipes with kalettes that will fire you with cooking enthusiasm!

What is Matcha and How Can You Use It (+ 5 Best Healthy Recipes With Matcha Green Tea)

What is matcha? Have you ever heard about it? If not, this is the right place for the purpose.

Matcha has been one of the most preferred green tea forms for thousands of years! Considered a superfood, it can be also used as a cooking ingredient in plenty of healthy dishes! We gathered the 5 best recipes with matcha green tea and …

Why Add Wheatgrass to Your Juice and Smoothie Recipes (+Easy Guide on Growing Wheatgrass at Home)

Why add wheatgrass to your juice and smoothie recipes? Simple, because wheatgrass is actually a superfood and provides many valuable health benefits!

5 Recipes With Avocado

Cooking with avocado is healthy, delicious and a lot of fun, especially when you pick interesting recipes! Below, we’ll share our favorite top 5 recipes with avocado, but first let’s say a few words about this incredible super-food that is highly appreciated for its essential nutrients and potential health benefits.

Top 5 Spirulina Recipes

The Spirulina blue-green micro algae is acknowledged as a natural superfood consumed by the Aztecs millennia ago. It’s incredibly rich in protein, but it also contains a wide number of trace minerals, vitamins and carotenoids. The healthy seaweed forms a unique antioxidant combination that protects cells from collapsing and is found in no other food. Spirulina’s compounds include also gamma linolenic fatty acid and essential amino acids. The miraculous algae food can give a powerful push to balance your entire organism, by fighting illnesses, allergies, immune disorders, infections and gastroenterological problems …