Years ago, a group of health-conscious friends noticed a disturbing trend in their communities and home towns. They were constantly seeing friends and relatives eating processed, junk foods, full of chemicals and GMOs, foods without any significant nutritional value and pureness. This was clearly the path to diseases, weak immunity and obesity. Namely such conditions led to the imposing of the western medicine ’s suppression of symptoms with drugs and scalpels, which wasn’t and still isn’t the best method of healing. That’s why the group made a decision to create an alternative path to a good well-being, energy and long life – through clean diet and real nutrition.

After building upon traditional and modern natural healing methods from all over the world, from places such as the mountains of Tibet and the tropical regions of South America, Sunfood’s founders wanted to share all the experience and knowledge they had obtained, including powerful super-foods that help people heal and rejuvenate faster and naturally.

The brand manages to bring exceptional quality, because they always strive to provide people with the most nutrient dense, clean, organic, raw, GMO-free super-foods possible.