Simply Organic was launched by Frontier Co-op™ in 2001. The brand is a king of healthy flavoring, as they provide the customers with a huge diversity of delicious seasonings, dips, dressings and sauces, made entirely from organic, health-friendly ingredients. Although the company has a wide assortment, they’re always trying to develop innovative and affordable new products.

Everybody in Simply Organic embraces organics as a key to a healthier and longer life. They think that great tasting organic food is good for our bodies, it’s good for our children, grandchildren, and of course by reducing the harmful chemicals – for nature. By sustainable agriculture, we will preserve our ability to produce natural and pure food.

With the establishment of Simply Organic, the company started a campaign called the 1% Fund. That means with every purchase you make a small contribution to organizations and project researches associated with development, teaching and promotion of organic agriculture. Since 2001, the company has provided more than 500 000 dollars to back their organic cause.