Sambazon makes fresh juices, smoothies and frozen products, such as smoothie packs and sorbet, by using the finest organic Amazon superfoods possible. the brand was created by a group of health-caring surfers from Southern California. In 1999 when they went to Brazil to search for big waves, they ended up falling in love with Brazil, its positive energy and beautiful scenery. They were simply overwhelmed by the flavors and the organic approach to healthiness and vitality of the local people. Once they tasted the superfood Acai, they realized how valuable this dark fruit was, so they wanted to find a way to share this amazing food with the rest of the world. That’s how the surfers started Sambazon and based it on a philosophy called the Triple Bottom Line, which measures success both economically and environmentally. This means there are positives for everybody involved, from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest that gives birth to incredible super-foods, to the farmers and the employees, and finally to the customers who are looking to further their own health missions through amazingly tasting and nutritious products. Sambazon support fair trade, they truly believe in the non-GMO and organic way of life. That’s why the company uses ingredients like Yerba Mate & Guarana, Arecola Cherry, as well as protein from wholefood, vegan sources.