PROBAR is all about creating convenient, tasty, healthful, plant-based edibles that can be your REAL-food choices, combining deliciousness and pure, organic, non-GMO, health-fortifying ingredients. The company was created by Jeff Coleman. In 2002, when Jeff moved to Park City, he wasn’t eating right at all, instead he tended to consume more junk food and martinis. Eventually however, he decided to make radical changes regarding his diet in order to improve his well being and overall shape, so he sought the help of a highly esteemed local food coach, who educated him in the benefits and nutrients of simple and real foods. Soon after that, Jeff tried a locally made energy bar, prepared in the health food store called PROBAR, and he was amazed by the fact that something so healthful could taste so good. He realized that in this busy, dynamical world, we are constantly at risk of making bad food choices, and he saw in this bar a wholesome, health-friendly, food choice. Thereby, he decided to buy the company and develop it further. So today, more and more people are starting to know that PROBAR is the sustainable REAL FOOD choice.