If a company wants to make a difference in the world of nutrition, it has to act different than conventional ones. Organic Valley is the perfect example in that train of thought. The brand’s ideology is based on the welfare of people, animals and the planet as a whole.

The company has been owned by family farmers from the Southwestern Wisconsin’s coulee region, since its foundation in 1988.

Organic Valley can satisfy the needs of everybody concerned with environmental problems and natural, nutritious food, food grown without the aid of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. The company’s activity had begun with producing organic vegetables, then they added organic dairy products to their assortment. Today, the brand also offers organic meats and soy.

It was not long upon its establishment, that the company became the nation’s number one source of pure, organic milk. Once pioneers in organic agriculture, they’re now a true leader. The members of Organic Valley are committed to an organic way of living, and building a future for sustainable family farming in the USA.