NOW Foods is a traditional, family-owned, natural food and supplement company that initiated its work in 1948 when the entrepreneur Paul Richard bought for $900 a Chicago based manufacturer of legume-based and grain products, called Fearn Soya. Since then, the organization began its 66 year legacy of producing premium, yet affordable nutrition products for the health-conscious consumer.

NOW Foods provides an impressive range of 1400 natural foods, dietary supplements, personal care products and sports nutrition items. Besides the staff’s love for nutrition perfection, through its community and industry, the company supports environmental and social efforts, and fights for the preservation of our planet. For more than a decade, NOW Foods has even been hosting clean-up and conservation events in support of Earth Week and Make a Difference Day. Because NOW’s team has always done their best to empower people to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to save the environment, the company has received many awards over the years, which shows just how true their dedication to their work is.