High quality, natural and organic meats are getting harder to find on the market, but Mighty Organic (previously known as Organic Prairie) answers the needs of every health-conscious individual, by providing them with a huge diversity of organic meat products like: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, steaks, specialty sausages, breakfast meats, burgers, ground meats, hot dog & brats, ham & bacon, grass fed meats, and appetizers. All items are flash-frozen at the height of their freshness, then separately vacuum-sealed in air-tight packages to maintain perfect taste and freshness. Delivery orders are also carefully processed by being ship frozen and packaged with dry ice.

Mighty Organic raise their cattle humanely on lush green pastures, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without treating the animals with hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs and other harmful substances.