Eden Organic began their activity in the 60’s when a group of friends got motivated by a massive research gravitating towards macrobiotics: staying on a diet of seasonal local plant foods and whole grains that pack all the health-fortifying nutritives, and are free of GMO, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. Because natural foods weren’t that available at the time, the group started the Eden food co-op to make them more popular and accessible. Eventually, the Eden food co-op grew into a big natural food store offering beans, whole grains, cereals, soy-based foods, miso, sea vegetables, seed and nut butters, vegetable oils and more. Apart from being the oldest organic and natural food firm in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods, in 2009 Eden was declared by The Better World Shopping Guide to be the best food company in the world, and the 3rd best company in general.